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  •  Computer Network Evaluation, Design, and Deployment

                   Improve your ability to access information, in the office and on the road. Conduct work anywhere.  Quickly, easily, and securely                                                  collaborate and share information as needed.  Enhance the security and reliability of your data. 

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 Many businesses can benefit by reviewing and then improving their company’s computer network, whether it means adding a server to the network, or just updating the hardware and software already in use.  But they often wonder about the costs versus advantages.  Apollo Solutions can provide you with the answers you need to make a decision that is right for you. 

Today we must consider locally installed hardware and cloud based options.  Smart phones and tablets are in the mix also.  With no one right answer, it is hard to find the optimal mix for your business.  Engaging someone who lives in this world and makes these decisions frequently can save you time and frustration.

All businesses need to optimize their technology so they can:

  • Reliably access email from anywhere
  • Share equipment (printers, scanners, storage) and resources (Internet access) to reduce costs.
  • Share contact and calendar information between all employees, or just those desired.
  • Centrally back up your company information to prevent data loss and to save time.
  • Enhance security by controlling employee access to sensitive data (financial records, personnel information).
  • Provide a central access point for information instead of housing it on individual computers.

They should also be able to:

  • Find, store, and share company information in one central, secure location.
  • Provide access to information remotely, so those out of the office can have the same resources available as those in the office.
  • Improve the security of the network by allowing you to determine the individuals and devices that have access to your information and systems.

 If you have ever missed a sale because you couldn’t locate the correct customer information quickly, or because you were away from the office and didn’t have access to your information, then you can see the need for a more centrally-based network strategy.   Do you find that sometimes key information is stored on one employee’s PC, and sometimes hard to retrieve when you need it?  With a client/server network,or cloud storage technology, your customers’ information is always at your fingertips because you can store, share, and update information in one central place that’s accessible by several people simultaneously.  Vacations or illnesses should never disrupt anyone’s access to company data.  

 When you are away from the office, you should be able to access important business information such as e-mail, contacts, customer records, company files, and documents on your network, so you will always have the resources you need to respond to sales leads, contact customers, and keep your business moving forward.

One of the best ways to keep your business running efficiently is to make sure everyone in your company has the necessary tools for communication. Proper network design and deployment helps build teamwork through centralization and sharing of files, managing and organizing e-mail messages, schedules, contacts, and other personal and team information. It also provides remote access to business information and resources from any computer with Internet access, so you can access your e-mail, contacts, internal web sites, files, and more when you are away from the office.


  • Document sharing
  • File storage
  • Automated backup of critical information
  • Company-wide anti-virus and SPAM protection
  • Printer sharing and management
  • Internet access, including ISP and/or router choices
  • Email management, including appointments and contacts, both private and shared
  • Database management
  • Firewall protection
  • Remote access of information while away from the office


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  •  Hardware Needs Evaluation and Procurement

               Computer hardware, such as desktop servers, routers, firewalls and other components have evolved from business  conveniences to                                             daily necessities for smooth business operation.  Let Apollo Solutions use our experience to help you make the correct                                                                          hardware purchases  to suit your business needs.  

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While some business owners have chosen to take on the task of buying needed computer hardware themselves, and have typically done so “on line”, from sources such as Dell, there is another subset of the business community that prefers not to be burdened with researching all the possible brands and ratings of hardware, but rather to rely on local technology expertise to recommend the appropriate products to buy, based on an understanding of the owner’s business needs, budget, and long term goals.

Apollo Solutions will provide such services, many times with knowledge of a business’ processes, gained while supporting the IT needs of the business.  Products needed to maintain business functions, or enhance office productivity, are usually discussed with decision makers, then researched, specified, and quoted.  Apollo Solutions maintains strong relationships with a few reliable PC hardware suppliers, and can specify PC workstations, servers, notebooks, and tablets to specific owners’ needs, and deliver items within a short time after placing an order.  Products typically have options of multi-year warranties, either depot or on-site.  Choices of the most appropriate software operating system to be pre-installed on the hardware are also necessary to consider.

Purchasing a server usually requires decisions such as the type of hard drive to use, and whether redundancy of hardware is important or not.  If so, RAID is considered, and the type of RAID to deploy must be decided upon, with the most popular types being Type 1 and Type 5.  Spending more money on certain components of a PC workstation can prove worthwhile, by bringing a measurable performance boost, while upgrading other components will sometimes show indistinguishable benefits to the average user.  Apollo Solutions tries to keep these facts in mind when quoting hardware to business owners.  


  • Company requirements researched and hardware configurations specified with customer needs of cost and performance considered
  • Computer hardware sold and installed by your IT support provider
  • Specified products include:  PC workstations, servers, notebooks, routers, firewalls, switches, network attached storage devices, wireless networking components, printers, battery backups, and various other network connectivity devices as needed for specific interface needs
  • No need to use multiple vendors for computer hardware, software, and/or network  installation and support

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  •  Corporate Email System Implementation

               Microsoft Exchange Server, the messaging and collaboration application, is software that enables employees to send/receive electronic                                         mail and share calendars and contacts.  It can either be run in-house, or using Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based offerings.  Let our                                               implementation experience ease your transition to  this valuable application.   

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Corporate email brings with it the benefits of communication, collaboration, and corporate identity.  Our preferred solution, Exchange Server, is designed to best operate with a PC software application such as Microsoft’s Outlook, however, it also works with other e-mail client applications.  E-mail messages are sent and received through client devices such as a personal computer, tablet (i.e. iPad), or a mobile phone.  Properly deployed, a user’s email is also accessible remotely, from any Internet browser, anywhere in the world.

Once deployed, Exchange Server offers your company integrated collaborative messaging features such as scheduling, contact, and task management.  In coordination with your ISP, we can have mail sent directly to your in-house or cloud-based Exchange account using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP.  Microsoft Outlook Web Access, a service in Exchange Server, accommodates what are known as thin clients (Web browser–based access clients) to access mail.  Exchange Server supports mobile devices and enables you to synchronize your Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts and Tasks lists so you can remotely check your appointments and other important information. Cellular phones such as iPhone (ios), Samsung (Android), or Lumia (Windows) are all capable of working with today’s Exchange software.


  • With proper domain name registration and coordination with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), corporate email is delivered and managed “in-house”, for any number of users and aliases. 
  • Microsoft’s Exchange server is the application of choice used to provide email control, and extensive collaboration between employees.
  • Functions such as sharing of calendar appointments and contact information between company employees is easily achieved
  • Apollo Solutions has provided email support for every one of its clients, and has worked with the last 3 generations of Microsoft’s Exchange Server application, including the newest cloud-based offerings


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  • Part-time IT Support and Consulting for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

              Purchasing a support contract from Apollo Solutions affords smaller firms the opportunity to deploy and maintain the same tools that                                        larger firms do, only without the full time employee commitment. Monthly support contracts allow the business owner to better plan                                           IT expenses during the year.

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Small and medium sized businesses usually have the same IT needs as larger firms – but not the same staff.  Large firms typically have full-time computer support staff that take care of reoccurring problems such as viruses, email delivery, and Internet access, and also more strategic issues such as planning for future technology needs designed to help create and serve business growth. Smaller firms typically rely on the skills of the most computer literate employee to accomplish some of these same functions, even if that person has other tasks to perform for which they were hired.

Today’s business world almost certainly demands the use of technology such as email and Internet access.  Customers and vendors alike are more frequently requiring electronic input of data, over paper forms.  All businesses need to continue to advance their set of available tools to keep up.  For example, fast Internet access has become extremely affordable, but sometimes companies are confused by all the options and don’t feel well equipped to make the needed decisions on how to move forward with the technology, and how to maintain any choices made once they are deployed.  What is a LAN, what can it do for me, and how can I keep it up and running, once installed?  Is a server necessary for my company?  These are some of the reasons a monthly support contract for IT services might make sense for your company. 

With Apollo Solutions, there will always be a main point of contact for any work covered under any maintenance agreement (support contract).  Work performed is always agreed upon by the consultant and the business owner.  The contract will have an agreed upon amount of hours spent per month and at the end of each month, a detailed record of work performed is delivered.  If consulting hours ever need to exceed that which has been allocated per month, additional hours would first be agreed upon and authorized by the business owner.

Should problems arise with any of the technology in use at the customer’s site, Apollo Solutions can provide you with the support to help diagnose errors and determine the most appropriate method of correcting the situation.  Regardless of whether the hardware or software in use has been sold by Apollo Solutions, we can act as your representative to the original manufacturer or creator of all products purchased, should you desire, to aid in typical problem resolution.


  • Predictable amounts of time (dollars) spent per month on IT support
  • Act as your IT department when you do not have one in-house
  • Visits can include work on implementing any product or procedure, typically to improve productivity or provide better company information flow
  • Work also includes upkeep of:  existing email systems, Internet access, anti-virus protection systems, SPAM elimination controls, contact management systems, networked (shared) printers, remote access systems, file backups
  • Maintenance of database applications typically used for accounting  (AP, AR, Purchasing, Inventory Control, etc.) and/or customer relationship applications
  • Creation of reports from database applications to provide desired operations information to management

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