Apollo Solutions is ….


a Solutions Provider:  more than a systems integrator, supplying and implementing computer-based technology to solve specific business problems.  Solutions involve back office, front office, networking, remote access, and more.  You outline the problem or the goal, and we will work with you to solve it.  If we can not provide the total solution in-house, 30 years of experience says we can find and manage the additional resources needed to deliver the solution you want, all from one source….Apollo Solutions.

a Value Added Reseller:  A company that takes off-the-shelf components and enhances their value through the application of technical knowledge

offering  full time, single project, or ongoing supplemental support to:  Manufacturers, Distributors, VC Start-ups,

R & D, Legal, Medical, Non-profits, Accounting…

but why “Apollo” ….. 

Apollo, in Greek mythology, was the god of the sun. He is associated especially with the rising sun, and hence with light and knowledge. He was renowned for reasoned logic, moderation, wisdom, and good practice.  He was also said to be the “god of truth and light”.